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Ticket tags

Sometimes you'll want to tag your tickets for easier management and organization on the dashboard. There are three different options you can use to add tags to the tickets.

Adding tags from the code

To add tags to a ticket from the code, simply set a list of tags to the tags property of the Shake configuration.

Here's an example how you can add a tag to the ticket:

Shake.configuration.tags = ["tag"]

Adding tags using the ticket title

Use ticket title to add tags to the ticket.

Shake automatically identifies and converts any #some #hashtags found in the title of your tickets into the tags.

They will automatically become tags on your Shake dashboard.

Adding tags using the form picker

Use form picker to add tags to the ticket.

Depending on the picker item selected by the user, Shake will automatically add defined tag to the ticket.

Learn more about Shake form picker element.