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Update user identifier

You can update the user identifier you had used to register the user. In most app flows, this is a method that's rarely called.

For example, suppose that you have registered your user with an email. The user would be able to subsequently change their email in app settings and still continue using your service as the same entity.

Calling Shake.updateUserId on an already registered user:

  1. Updates the user identifier in the Shake database.
  2. It becomes the new user identifier.
  3. You continue to pass this new user identifier to Shake.registerUser on this user's subsequent logins.

Updating the user identifier allows various possibilities for how this feature can be used but can also lead to possibly unwanted results. Read the documentation carefully to fully understand possible usages and scenarios.

The code snippet below showcases a common scenario in which the user identifier is updated. It's assumed that the user was previously registered with an email:

const changeEmail = email => {
user => {
message => {
// Handle failed update