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Data attached by default

This is the data Shake automatically attaches to every ticket you receive. All of this is done out of the box, you don't need to code anything.

Automatically attached

Time when the ticket was reported

Device OS

Device model


Your app version

Connectivity details

NFC status Android

Screen the ticket was reported from

Time zone

Battery status

Memory status

Screen resolution

Screen orientation


Low power mode

Storage status

Authentication to unlock device

Screen density

Timeline of app lifecycle events

Timeline of console logs

IDE version

Granted permissions 1

1 Shake tracks the status of these Android runtime permissions, also known as dangerous permissions:

  • SMS

and the status of these iOS permissions:

  • Calendar access
  • Camera access
  • Contacts access
  • Photo library access
  • Location access
  • Media library access
  • Microphone access

On your Shake dashboard, only those permissions that the user has granted access to are listed. The ones you don't see were either denied or not requested at all.

Attach more data

If you want Shake to attach custom data to your tickets, you can do that as well. Read about attaching your own variables to tickets with Ticket metadata.

Do you also want to attach files to tickets programmatically? Visit Auto attach files.