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Import from Instabug

Shake offers an option to easily migrate your bugs from Instabug to our platform. This feature allows you to seamlessly transition your bugs without losing important data, even after closing Instabug account.

How to migrate Instabug bugs?

Step 1: Export bugs from the Instabug

To begin the migration process, you must first export your bugs from the Instabug. To do this, log into your Instabug account and navigate to the Bugs tab in the sidebar. From there, select the issues you want to export, press button and then press Export CSV button.


Before export, you'll be prompted to select data you want to export into the CSV file. Feel free to ignore some of the data if you want, Shake is still able to import bugs if some data is missing.

You'll receive an email with a download link for the exported CSV file.

Step 2: Download .csv export file

Check your email which you are using for Instabug login and download the CSV file from the email sent by Instabug.

Step 3: Import bugs into the Shake

Once you've downloaded the CSV file, log into your Shake account and navigate to the Workspace administration → Apps page. Select the app where you want to import Instabug bugs and press Choose a file button under the User feedback → Import user feedback tickets section.

Now, you'll be prompted to select the CSV file that you want to import. Max import file size is 100MB, if you have larger file you can divide it into separate files.

Once you've selected the file, the import process will begin. This process can take up some time, depending on the number of bugs you're migrating and size of attached files to the bugs.


Only Instabug bugs that match the platform of the Shake app (Android or iOS) will be imported during the import process. Ensure that you import bugs into the correct app. Also, if Shake encounters bugs with a different data structure than expected, those bugs won't be imported.

When the import is completed, you'll be notified by email and you'll be able to view and track migrated tickets within the Shake.

Migrated data

The migration tool allows you to migrate a variety of data from Instabug to Shake, such as title, description, status, and more. Here is a list of data fields that are provided in Instabug export file and that can be successfully migrated to the Shake.

  • Title (ticket title)
  • Email (reporter email)
  • Status (ticket status)
  • Priority (ticket priority)
  • Assignee (always imported as unassigned)
  • App Version (app version name)
  • Bundle version (app version code)
  • Device (device name)
  • Locale (device locale)
  • Screen Size (device screen size)
  • Density (device screen density)
  • Location (device location)
  • OS version (device os version)
  • Current View (opened screen at the report time)
  • Metadata (contains User Data and User Attributes from Instabug)
  • Activity history (console logs, custom logs, user taps and view events)
  • Attachments (videos, images and other files are copied to our infrastructure)
  • Reported time (ticket created date and time)
  • Tags (tickets tags, with additional imported tag by default)


Please contact the support team if you need assistance with the migration process or have any questions regarding the format of the CSV file.