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Silent user feedback

Send yourself feedback from the app background, without showing Shake UI.


You can send silent user feedback to yourself by calling the Shake.silentReport method anywhere after Shake.start. Feel free to add your own description to it as well.

SHKShakeReportConfiguration determines which data is attached to the silent user feedback:

let conf = ShakeReportConfiguration()
conf.includesScreenshotImage = true
conf.includesBlackBoxData = true
conf.includesActivityHistoryData = true
conf.includesVideo = false
let fileAttachBlock: () -> [ShakeFile] = {
let file = ShakeFile(name: "myFile.log", data: Data())
return [file]
Shake.silentReport(description: "Description #tag1 #tag2", fileAttachBlock: fileAttachBlock, reportConfiguration: conf)

Show the Ticket submitted message

To optionally notify your user that a silent user feedback has just been submitted, change the SHKShakeReportConfiguration and use that configuration object when sending the silent user feedback with the Shake.silentReport method:

let reportConfiguration = ShakeReportConfiguration()
reportConfiguration.showsToastMessageOnSend = true